New Developments at Barton Manor

Our Story

The Hotels foundation comes from the Lancastrian Topping and Mellors families and started as a manor house built in 1900

We are delighted to announce that Barton Manor Hotel & Spa will be extending its bedroom offering, we will also be extending our dedicated reception and events entrance & welcome areas..

Barton Manor Hotel & Spa will be designed for grand and intimate occasions, stunning weddings, state of the art meetings and eclectic celebrations.

Hotel Designers, Constructive Thinking, bring to us their experience of uplifting hotels to reach their full potential by carefully integrating the historic feel of the original hotel with contemporary additions that will help to knit the updated hotel into the village landscape.  New bedrooms will offer state of the art comfort with a relaxed executive feel, whilst existing bedrooms will be enhanced for space and comfort.  The new entrance and reception will form the beating heart of the hotel, becoming a space to meet, greet and enjoy a drink, or relax and take in the elevated views.  Business guests will benefit from a range of meeting spaces conducive to modern working patterns.  Leisure guests will find seamless access to the new restaurants and spa experiences, and wedding and party guests will enjoy the ambience and flow of the gardens, open reception and celebration space.  Constructive Thinking’s timeless interior design will provide classic style and unique spaces for years to come.

We look forward to sharing our updates and progress on this exciting new development.

Andrea Burton

General Manager